Height: 6’1"
Weight: 264 lbs
Race: Warforged

Half his body is made up of a mysterious magical alloy and the other half is rusty and falling apart. His eyes glow when he experiences intense emotions and the rune on his forehead is in the pattern of an jagged swirl.


X-609 is an experimental warforged who owes his life to Felger and the rest of the Whistling Wanderers. He was salvaged long ago from the bottom of the Great Sea and was re-activated by the Wanderers during one of their many adventures. X-609 doesn’t remember anything before he was salvaged and it’s unclear if he is a full warforged or a sophisticated late generation automaton. The only clues to his past are the makeshift pieces of mechanical equipment that make up his body and the various etching on his metal skin such as" “X609”, “Caution: Experimental”and “Do Not Open”.

X-609 is often tinkering and tweaking his body in order to repair and maintain himself. He has never been able to become full operational and there are still many parts of himself that do not function. One of his main disabled systems is his vocal synthesizer which has never worked. X-609 can not speak, but can get his point across with rudimentary facial expressions and emotions. He longs to discover his past, but has been unsuccessful thus far.


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